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Stepping Stones [entries|friends|calendar]
Kerro Starbane

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because.... [29 Sep 2007|02:15pm]
[ mood | crushed ]

NerdTests.com says I'm a Non-Nerd.  What are you?  Click here!

I am nerdier than 34% of all people. Are you a nerd? Click here to find out!

Curse you Shadow for this... I'm sooo not fit to be part of the NOL.

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Action Man: The Return - Second Rising [17 Sep 2007|04:38pm]
[ mood | blah ]

I'm going away for a week. not saying to where, just that I'll be offline.
Both my laptops are dead, and I was desperate to buy a $300 tower computer from Matt, my big brother. So I will not be bringing any computer with me... which will acctually be a first.

I have been awaiting this for a long long long time... AM:TR is coming back. I'm picking up a nice hearty list of characters, which I know I can do very well... now if I only had alll the logs, then I could get to know the characters better--better than I know them now, anyway.
I probably have 75% of them... maybe less.
So... With "Upon Janus" starting up soon (I hope), perhaps it will work better than the other starts did... We had a few flops... hehe, a few. I've been waiting a long time for this.

Alex, Asazi, Fidget, Anna Syngh-Baines, Marian, Gangrene, Agent Smith, Paul Denton, Winifred, Mark Collins, Carolyn Collins.

I think that is most of the characters I will be playing.

Nothing really to report otherwise... blah.

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The start of Falling [12 Aug 2007|02:16am]
I have plans on doing a comic, a short one, just to pratice drawing AM characters adn comic work. I was reading a book tonight, and I suddenly god this POV from Alex, and I had to write. Saddly, the only thing I had to write on was a note book... Pardon this.


It was that moment, hanging precariously between life and death that made him wonder if all the struggles had really been worth it. He knew evil was at his back, love at the end of his arm, and life fading quickly as death slowly moved into place. there would be no moments of celebrated victory, no cheers of the crowd.

"Don't let me go..."

Her voice was scared, not a tone he was ever ehard from her. It made his blood cold to think that this was also the end of her life. they shared love, hate, affection, desire; all to lose it in an iinstant.

"Let her go, Mr. Mann."

A voice he could never hope to forget... Evil, death, at his back. He couldn't loosen his grip; the fear in her fgreen eyes told him so.

That is the start... and half way to the end. That is the more 'emotional' part... there is to be a more action-packed version.. and maybe one from a 1st person POV from a few chatacters. The Comic, though, is to be straight image and minimal text... if I can manage it. I'm behind on character sketches... like, SOOOO far behind. I have not been drawing as much as I have wanted to be.

Anyway.. all for now. I wanted to get this down somewhere.
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Parts of Me (Part 1?) [11 Aug 2007|01:17am]
Who would have imagined that I have potential beyond what most people call normal?

I'm going to say this loud and proud: I'm Pagan. I believe in magic, and I know I have the potential to change the world, given the chance and purpose.

Soo... I believe this is also con-joined with my characters. All know that Alex has been with me for several years, since I was in 7th grade, and has saved mylife several times, though people try and disprove it. Most people think that Alex is nothing more than pixels on a screne, trapped within childish episodes, and then text, thanks to Shadow's Action Man: the Return sim. Well... Alex has more life to him than even I was aware for a while. I realize he is close to Nathan in the 'Human' factor. He is not, though, originally my character.

The other night, I was using Alex in a sex RP, finally getting him to do the deed with his fiancee... and he was fighting me the whole time, not wanting me to type anything in great detail, which i like doing. He fought me until I had to push past the major post, and then he was all fine... though he smacked me, with a swimming noodle. But I realized... he is real.

Some of you know Nathan Keel... The character I created for The Return, who eventually took on a life of his own. Though he has more freedom, Alex has that life of his own, but is stuck in his world, though changes as I ask him too... like playing dress-up, becoming different characters. Nathan and Alex loath each other... perhaps because they are suck opposites... or maybe that is just them.

What does this have to do with anything? Difficult, really, to say, except that what I see in my mind tends to take on a life of its own... this is beyond day dreaming and just imaginging things... what I imagine is real, to an extent. I do not have the know-how or knowledge to make it real, but I hope to one day reach that point. I have always imagined Alex being ther,e being my guardian angel when I needed one... or Nathan to be a pillar of logic to my whimsy mind. Each are a part of me, but can hold their own.

Want a relationship map, according to The Return? .... To bad, you get to see it anyway.

Alex Mann married Asazi. Asazi adopted Tempest Storm. Tempest is the older half-brother to Karen. Karen is Nathan's niece. Nathan works for Dr. X. Dr. X has a 'daughter' named Riley. Riley is Karen's best friend. Karen has a crush on Alex. Alex .... the line then starts repeating.

So... I lost my train of thought... I'll post this, and maybe do a follow up.
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ROad trip? [04 Aug 2007|11:17pm]
Ok... Been thinking about this for less than a week, but I feel I need to get it off my mind.

When I have a vehicle, I'm going to take some time off from what ever job I pick up, and take a road trip to FL to pick up my snake, Fidget. Shadow and Nova have been taking care of her, but I want my baby back. Since I'll be living with my dad. and i highly doubt that Windy would mind me having a reptile in the house, I want her here, with me. that will also give me some more information to decide on if I really want to go to FL or not.

Anyway.. that is all for now.
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[30 Jul 2007|10:06am]
[ mood | contemplative ]

Still at camp, and i'm working into my last month. Though I promised myself that I would, indeed, have made a decision by now on where I would live, I still don't think I"m there yet... Strange as it sounds, this is a huge issue.

My dad offers: 150 a month, I take care of the home network, watch the house and cats when he and Windy go away (planing a 2-week get-away in Oct), and as long as I have a job, i can stay there. BUT! he tells me that if I move in, he will prevent me from moving to FL. I'm rather fearful of what might I happen if I pull the same stunt with him as I did with my mom... Dad has a totaly different way of reaction. He was fine the first time because I wasn't living with him, but I'm sure he might lose his temper if I did something so rash again. I learned my lesson the first time with mom. [Two bed, 1 bath, Living RM, Famly RM, Loft lounge

Shadow Offers: help with 850 a month (split three ways?), 2 bedroom, two bath, Living RM, Dinning RM, Family RM, HUGE yard and pool.... I"m almost sold with the pool. I just need to get a job, which is gonna be a snap, considering my experieince and my attitude towards work (though being told I"m on the hitlist for several people I work with doesn't lighten the mood. Least I'm not number one on the lists!) Other details are rather vague... but I know I need to seriously send a letter/email to nova to explain my behavior back in Colorado towards her... I wrote something, but that is more of... 'why I don't want to live with you' letter. Not appropriate to be retyped.

So... that is about where I stand. Since I"m all packed up at mom's place, I see no point in returning there, except to visit. I could return there and then move to FL... but I am looking forward to living with dad for a bit. I'm hoping to finish off my self-discovery there, makeing sure everything is good before I decide where to go.

I met someone, though... met him back in May, when I spent a week with my dad, and I was online probably more than I should have been. We started off RP'ing, not playing as our respective genders, but our characters just... clicked. I know that my characters are not a direct reflection of me... Lucus was just..... egoed and lusting, though developed a love for Callista. Alex... well... more closer to me, but he retained
some of his cartoon charm, and really fell for Casidy (always a sucker for red-heads :D ). So this guy...

His name is Dan, lives in Tennesee, and believes in magick as strongly as I do, and is helping me develop my own power. He is extremly sweet, and just as crazy as me sometimes. EXTREMLY knowledgeable, and has a dream that I REALLY want to help with: writing a book on devinity. Since I met him, I have grown to really understand religion, and I have found what I believe in. (more details later)

He can't write all that well... a simple lack in understanding of punctuation is the main issue, but that is over-looked rappidly. he has good word usage, and great sense for storyline (first time i met him, he was doing about 3 sentences a post, and didn't add anything to really move the story, but i enjoyed taking the lead. :D ). He has come a long way, writing wise, but i think he still needs my help. perhaps he always will.

I have... come to really like him, teetering on love, but might fall into it. There is just something about him that makes me feel... better about myself, and that i have a chance to love again. I rather closed my heart after Don, not wanting to hurt anyone else, incase the same mistake and immaturity fcame up again. But I think I'm ready to try again. I have had my time to regroup, mature, and take a deep breath. Dan is worth going after. It is so strange, that we turn out to be Yin and Yang for each other. He is fire, I'm water. I'm a Celestial Angel and he is aTherian Wolf. Aries verse Capricorn. This might just be a very intersting situation, if I really work for it.

A while back, we were discussing marriage, just in general, and he offered to move to Minnesota, though worried about his medication insurance. All in the same breath-post. Well... I hate minnesota, least living with my mom, so I want out as soon as possible. I know that if I chose to stay with my dad, it will rather... lock me in place for a while, least until I'm really on my feet, and can survive on my own. in that time, FL might just be a destination that I wont reach. But I know that if I go to FL right after Camp, I'll be stuck there for a long while. hard to explain why I feel that way, least for right now. So... I made the offer to Dan that when the time came, I would move to him. I can easily adapt to just about anything, and I don't have to worry about med-insurance.

I don't know where I will end up at the end of the month, but I think there is a strong lean towards my dad.

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[05 Jul 2007|04:46pm]
[ mood | indifferent ]


I have used this word a lot in referance to Shadow. It means just as much as it used too, back when i fist started calling her that. But i think, least partially, its meaning has changed... does it mean more, or less? I never had a sister before, being the youngest of three  with 2 older brtohers. I have been labled a surrogate sister to AJ's family; able to walk into the house without having to knock or ring the bell, If the house is a mess, her father doesn't bother to have it cleaned if I'm around-- I have been adopted by the Nold Family. Apply that to terms between me and Shadow... We aren't really adopted by each others family, but adopted by each other, in leu that we--kinda-- needed each other. I needed a big sister, simply someone i knew i could trust who would look out for me since my older brothers wouldn't. She... I guess there might be something protective about having a little sibling to look after, protect? I don't really know.

I wrote a letter to Nova the other day (maybe a week ago?) but I don't think I'll even re-type it, or send it. Why? Maybe it is too honest, and I feel It wouldbe hurtfull... certainly destroy our friendships, least on my end. I don't want to alienate myself, because i respect them, I just... am not sure what to do. I feel, though, that if I choose to remain in MN a bit longer after Camp, they wil think I will never make it down... but some emails are making me reconsider if I should travel. My dad has a room waiting for me, My mom made me pack up my crap---And I mean EVERYTHING i have--- and then there is Shadow and Nova in FL, but journals tell that life is good, and probably will be for a long while, without my arrival. I still have 2 months... though I'm hoping to make up my mind soon.

Anyway, back to working on a sketch... pushng all others aside for this one.

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Stories [01 Jul 2007|05:31pm]
[ mood | creative ]

Whee!!! Been doing a lot of writing, and having fun torturing Alex. I love him, call him my hero and muse, but I still like screwing with him.

One story:
Alex has been on his own for nearly 5 years, after Dr. X killed Team Extreme. He did it, leave it at that. Alex has become an Agent for InterCEPT, FBI, and CIA. He does work for all of them, but generally only answers to Simon Gray. He is currently on a mission to keep survelience on a house, and is living in the house several blocks away-- like a farm-feild length away. He is living with an FBI Agent/ stripper for a night club, who is also rich and owns the house. He also lived with a college student/night club stripper, who is teh heiress to an Oil company in texas. the life is simple, and just what he needed, after so long of runnign around and making a mess of X's plans. X shows up form time to time, but not enough to cause too much damage.
This is the site where the story will be. http://pic5.piczo.com/xrandomusageoftheenglishlanguagex/?g=1

Another story:
Same as the one above, but the Oil-Princess is a vampire. Nuff said. though I intend on making Alex a Vampire, just for the heck of it.

Between my friend AJ and I, we had shoved the world 400 years in the future, made more medevial, and added in magic and technology together. Alex has been transformed into Captain Ice (Alex McErnenowa)  of the Black Nimbus. It was a ship created by Karen Strider, who is the engineer and she lost her brother while the ship first took off. the ships in this story are airships, from like.. Treasure Planet. A flying sail-boat!! Ice is a pirate Captain, and that just makes life all shades of interesting.

A few ideas I have are:

Utilizing the Action Man: The Return story line and universe: Cosmic castaway; Earth has been destroyed. Team Extreme (with Tempest, Simon Gray, Karen, Asazi and Wini) have escaped into space via a space ship. Alex was capture for some crime he didn't commit, and imprisoned on a planet that works the prisoners to death. He tried to clear his name, but no one believes him, so his tongue is cut out. He finds a way to escape onto a small and very fast ship. He is chased when he comes acrossed the Teams ship, but doesn't realize it until they signal him to land.
the team had been doing cargo runs after losing Alex, but were unable to find him. With an empty hold, they intercept a small ship with a single passanger, and receive a signal that the ship is out of oxygen. The ship lands, Alex barely manages to pull the hatch-release, and passes out as oxygen invades the cockpit. The team is mortified to learn it is Alex, and Simon tells them that Alex can't talk. That is all the farther i have gotten.

Again using AM:TR, but this from the side story shadow and I are working on with Gail. Tempest and Gail have twins (yay!!) and travel easily between Earth and Garan. The kids are Breeze and Tempest Jr. They disappear from the ship and join a circus. Working in Las Vegas, Breeze and Junior are having fun, using their dual powers of Wind and Lightning to show off what they can do, amazing people. Tempest, Gail and Team Extreme decide to see these amazing kids, and Tempest learns that there is where his children went to. After the show, he goes back and starts yelling at them for running off, using both Garanese and English, and several other languages, because he is sooo ticked. Breeze and Junior argue that they like the work, and the other performers back the kids up, claiming that Tempest must be a terrible father. Gail steps up, makes Tempest shut up, and explains what is going on. That is all the farther i got with this idea.

Well, that is all for now, nothing major going on, except that I now get to sleep in, my shift is 11 am till close, which will be fun, since then I get to stay up late and do my normal schedual of 2 to 10 for sleeping. There are now four kitchen helpers, myself included, and that will make life easier. We got done with dishes the other night sooo fast, it was... scary.

Anyway... I'm gonna post this, and get back to my game-plan for doing dishes. I'll post that bit later, maybe tomorrow.

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Broken Wings, Forgotten Things [28 Jun 2007|03:34pm]
[ mood | cheerful ]

Dear god it has been ages since I updated... I mainly write to my DeviantArt journal.

I want to make an entry here... but I'm not sure what to write about... Been so long, and I mainly keep a private journal, tucked under my matress in my bunk-room.

Been drawing, writing, and working. Exhausted everyday, and one day blurs into the next. No matter how many hours I work, I only get paid for 9, 6 days a week.

I have options... Dad has a room set up for me, and after reading Shadow's journal... maybe florida is just a pipe-dream for me. Perhaps I will never get there. If so: then I enjoyed my time living with them while I did. mom stil thinks that I'll return to Rosemount, still rent a room from her... but I don't think I want to anymore. A month away from her, and I feel amazing. Probaly the fact that I'm working my ass off everyday, and falling to bed exhausted...

I enjoy working here at the kitchen in Callaway Minnesota, at the Maplelag resort. It is for cross-country skiing, and the summer used by Concordia Language Villiages for El Lago del Bosque (Lake of the Woods) Spanish Callaway. This week, we cook for 250+ people; campers and staff. Kitchen staff gets to eat the left overs. Which is a major pain in the ass. We get a lot of leftovers sometimes, and then other days when there is nothing left over. We clear the pans to serve the first serving... and then people come up for seconds... that is the worse thing, turning kids away because there is no mas comida (no more food). I'm learning a lot of Espanol, and using Spanglish is a lot of fun. the good thing is, though, I'm trying to learn.

Not sure what else to put... I'm kinda.... in a period of self-discovery, which isn't something I have had much of a chance to do. Days off provide too much alone-time. I guess I could continue to use this journal as a bit of public outlet, least for now.

Hasta luego.

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Remember me! [09 Nov 2005|10:21pm]
If you read this, if your eyes are passing over this right now, even if we don't speak often, please post a comment with a memory of you and me. It can be anything you want- good or bad. When you're finished, post this little paragraph on your blog and be surprised (or moritified) about what people remember about you. ganked from le_vigalant (ps you should have spelled it le_vigalante)
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Once again.... [16 Sep 2005|12:56pm]
[ mood | calm ]

Laptop got fried... nuff said. Registry got messed up while I was defraging, and my mom was too impaitent to let me get ahold of Shadow to try and fix it. The guy at Best Buy Geek Squad said it would be about 5 days to analyz it... and then unknown amount of time to fix it. This is going to seriously bit.

Therefore, given that hitch, Deus Ex: "After Illuminiation" is on hold for.... well, until the laptop comes back. It shoudln't be much longer... but i could say that and a month would go by and I would say "It wasn't THAT long!". Shoot me.

Ok, a few things came up while talking to Shadow about DX:AF. New Pilot being the BIG thing. I NEVER EVER EVER EVER EVER want to replace Jock. I love Jock. But now that there are 4 agents instead of 1 (yes, Pauseback and Walker are being claled Agents, though techniclay they are not) They need a second pilot. But I'm going to kill two birds with one stone with this: the new pilot is Pauls GF. Yes, the crazy whiny guy has a hot girlfreind. She wont play much of a part, but will provide some tension. All I will say, and let the guys figure the stuff out.

ANYWAY! As a recap for those who have kinda been paying attention to After Illumination: JC is in Washington DC, havign just found Nick (Pauseback) and Wade (Walker). He is on his way to the White House to stop Amilia Page from removing the president. Yes, she is crazy enought to go in person, and with minimal guards. I hope JC employs stealth in this, and not just in the silencers on the pistols.

Better run, Mr. B might remove the internet, again. He likes doing taht.

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Time, Conspiracy, and Work [02 Sep 2005|05:43pm]
[ mood | devious ]

Talking with CJ last night while I was grounded from th computer, and he made a point: Posting everyday in your journal about random stuff might mean you have no life... does it count that i make meaningfull posts from time to time? Yet if you post sporaticly, maybe once or twice a week, does that mean you have more of a life, so much so that it takes up a lot of your time and you have no time to post on your journal?

I kept thinking about this today, and then just blew it off. Like it really matters. To post on your journal, no matter how often, is to say what you have done and how it has affected you. I'll admit, since i started this thing years ago, I'm not the same person. No one ever is when they stop and think, and write down what has hapened to them...

Maybe Paul and JC should keep a blog?

Speaking of those two brothers: I have not had a chance to get After Illumination out of my head! Mostly running through my head is random crap that really has nothing to do with it, except make it really full of fuckery. I don't want to do that. But I have some twists, as mentioned earlier, that will throw everyone for a loop. This conspiracy, MY conspiracy, is awesome.

I would love to posts hints and stuff like that, but I don't want to give it away... That would ruin all the pieces of the puzzel that I want JC to figure out.

Shadow... www.blogspot.com . if you set up a journal for JC, I'll make one for Paul. Come on... think of how cool that would be!

Anyway, I worked quite a bit so far. Today was the worse... well, just part of it was. I was put on sandwiches when I got there, and I didn't know if the other guy on Line #1 was making the ones for up-front, or Drive Thru. ... I was doing the best i could, but I couldn;t take it... so Fuck it! I didn't say that, but the Manager, Liz, told me to take Register 3, and she asigned Andy, Lino, and another guy to sandwiches. the General Manager, Don, was awesome!! He was in today, and helped out like it really mattered, and it did. He and Lino were cracking out sandwiches as fast as people were ordering. they were faster than the Fries! but not as fast as those up front and making drinks. It was still a kick-ass awesome day from hell.

Anyway... think i'm gonna go back to surfing, and harassing people to make posts and stuff.. and more devious plans for my conspiracy.

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Deus Ex: After Illumination [01 Sep 2005|02:07pm]
[ mood | mischievous ]

I have started a DX Sim with Shadow... and I must say... It kicks total ass!!! I'm trying to keep it in line with the game, yet follow after the Illuminati ending. And man oh man.... It is SEX!!

Ok, not real sex, but you get the idea (i hope). Last night was the best, JC and Paul talk, get on the chopper, Jock flies them back to paris, and i don't know if he hinted to possible events, but he might have, not sure. They got bck to Paris, Jock says JC found Paul, and every one is like 'OH MY GOD! PAUL!' Paul had been missing for about... 7 1/2 months. Left hong kong shortly after the end of the game, and just went poof. But he was on Liberty Island, living in the old UNATCO bunker, digging graves for MJ12 and UNATCO personel. It was sad and disturbing.

Any way, JC goes to Everett, and Nicolette starts disihing out info that I was pulling from my ass... literaly. But it all holds relevance, and it is all stuff i can use... This sounds realy weird, but I'm building this conspiracy as I go... So far... it is awesome.

I don't want to give anything away, because that would ruin the story... but I can give some info up that I have used.

  • Paul disappered from HK shortly after JC joined the Illuminati

  • Countries are rebuilding with guidence from Everett and other agencies

  • Sillouette (sp?) has joined the Illuminati. (Chad and Nicolette are together)

  • Those Of The Shadows use an unknown dialect in their messages to each other

  • Science company in Greece is making Nano-augmented Agents, and calling them the 'Knight of Athena'. It is being funded by Page Industries.

  • Helios is being retarded and not doing a damn thing... except helping Those Of The Shadows.

There... all the rest on my paper is for later... I can't wait to make some of the twists.... it is going to e so fucking awesome!
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Darkfire and Demonarm [24 Aug 2005|12:12am]
[ mood | creative ]

Two men stood on the path, each dressed in white. They stood there chattting, looking one way, then the other. It was an accident that brought them together, with no hope of them splitting.

One wore a pure white cloak, the hood pushed back while the hem trailed in the dirt. Travelers brown boots doned his feet, while loose brown pants and a loose brown shirt covered the rugged form under neath. He was decently tall, with short dark brown, near black, hair and crystaline blue eyes. There was a playful demeanor to him, yet something that begot intelligence and wisdom. In his hand was a smooth wood staff, the top sporting an hour glass where the sand was stuck between the globes. It glowed faintly with the dying sun.

The other man, a lean youth, kept one hand on the hilt of his black sword, and an ever presant frown on his face. Black eyes were shadowed under long black hair. A colar of black metal circled his neck, giving way to a tight white shirt with the sleeves ripped off. Black gloves ran up to his elbows, and a metal plate was strapped to the back of his right hand. His belt was attached to a white skirt that dropped to his heavily armored boots. Back pants wrapped his legs. He was slightly shorter than the other man, but appearantly his attitude alone kept them equal.

They stood there talking a little longer, the man in the cloak pulling out a worn sheet of paper and unfolding it. He held it for the other to see, and pointed to places where they should go. The other just shook his head, and pointed to other spots. They were in disagreement, it seemed, as to which direction they were to take. While one wanted to go south, the other wanted to go north. They clearly could not decide as to where to go.


An introduction to one old and one new character. May I present Alex Darkfire (based of Alex Mann, for those who didn't know) and Arian Demonarm. I think I might start character building with them.

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Troubles... Unfolding Problems: Part 3? [23 Aug 2005|10:57pm]
[ mood | sore ]

I tried calling my freinds in Colorado Springe this evening... turns out their phone was disconnected. I was rather disapointed, but We probably wouldn't have said much anyway. We havn't really been talking much latly... more like random bullshit friends do. But since I couldn't talk to them... i was thinking about doing the one thing I should never think about doing: Calling Nova's mom.

Yes, I know I should not, and I wont. But Someone has to tell her, inform her of the situation her daughter has gotten herself into, and the affect it is having on other people. Maybe Nova would listen to her mom? Maybe it would be the right kick to get her motivated to do SOMETHING about a second job and paying bills. No phone... well... Cell phone? Nova doesn't keep minutes, and Shadow hasn't had one since she move. So only in person. Someone needs to tell her.

Then I got to thinking about everyting that has gone right and wrong since I met them. Believe me, the right has surpassed the wrong.. and the wrong are petty misdemeanors that I should ignore... but can't. Anyway, that got me to thinking about what some one would write about me in a biography... or what I would write about in an autobiography. The ups and downs of a freindship that was unbreakable, yet still was slightly rickety.

Anaolgy time:
We are three legs. our length is measured by how independent/dependent we are.
Veiw 1: Independence. Shadow and I are longer, and Nova is rather short. Shadow and I are independent of nearly everyone, but still hold the human attachment we need, and Nova is very dependent on other people to survive.
Veiw2: Dependence. For Shadow and I, that would make us short, yet have to bear the weight of the longer leg that belongs to Nova. She is more dependent on other people to support her than we are. It makes things harder for people like Shadow and I who have to support the dependent.
The less independent you are, the more sheltered you are, and the harder the world is once you get away from that shelter. Nova has been watched over by her mother for her whole life, from what I gather anyway, and has never truly been on her own, apart from living with Shadow.

Honestly, I think Nove should go to college, and live in a dorm with someone that the school assigned for her to live with for a year, or 9 months, however long school lasts for. It might do her really good to be on her own with someone that she ahs no idea what they are like. It would force her to grow up a bit, and get away from her dependence on others.

Shadow can't support them both. This has been going on for well over a month, that much I am guessing, and needs to stop. Nova needs to pick up her feet, and take control of her life. I think back to a health related discussion Shadow and I had a while ago, and how bad the diet is. If I say more, I might get in trouble, because their health is not my place to be criticizing. Least I don't down sugar like milk.

My habits? My 2 meals a day trick? Like that helps me at all.
I eat salads, and then maybe a sandwich later, or some chips. Soda = rarely. There is a 2 liter of Mt. Dew in the fridge, but it has been there so long, it lost it's fizz... so i tossed it. I get my sugar from fruit, vegtables, meats: healthy stuff. I will normally have a yogurt for breakfast, salad or sandwhich for lunch (or no lunch if I work) and then whatever moms makes when she comes home. Sure, I eat a bit, but not much. My problem is that I need to get out and excercise more. I need to plan a biking route that help me out... excercise!

That is what I think is the problem with the world, and the difference between the fit and the unfit people: those that sit on their butt doing nothing but use the computer, watch TV, or play Video Games. All of which I am guilty of. I hate myself, to be blunt. I want to change how I look, and it will take me a long time to get there... but I just need to take the first step, and keep going.

Last I checked, my weight was 168. that is up 18 lbs from last summer when I had been wanting to loose 10 pounds. My friends in SC comment on how thin I was, and when I told them my weight, they were like "Wow." I really am not thin, but I was the best looking of everyone there... least of my freinds there.
I can drop that weight with a little more excerise, and a little less junk food. V8 Splash, Energy bars, cut back on the soda...
Here is something funny... When I left the Farm House out in the Boonies of SC, I had a collection of Code red cans (257 to be exact). At that time, I was 150. Since I stopped drinking CR like a vampire drinks blood, I gained weight. Probably means nothing, but what if that was a secret?

God... I really went off on a tanget, didn't I? Well.. it all has to get out, right? So that is all for now.

Shadow... come on AIM... please?

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Deus Ex? [21 Aug 2005|12:12am]
[ mood | sick ]

Ok.. I was looking at some character things for Invisible War, and I was reading the little profiles for JC and Paul, and I thought: What the FUCK?!

Now.. I do a lot of role play (or simming, for other people), and so if I were to play DX2, my vision/perception of it wuld be so skewed because of what I have done in some RP's. It is hard to explain... I guess because how I see the Denton Brothers is different than what they originaly are...

Well anyway, I was reading these little profiles on GameSpy, and I wanted to puke! I was just so disgusted by what was writen that I wanted to throw up... and then write this down... so yeah.

Maybe this was a pointless post?

For those interested at what disturbed me... Here, Knock yourself out and the lovly images, but strange information.

SHADOW!! If you try and correct me on ANYTHING, I'll kick you.... oh and BTW.... go home to the Orange state. Life will be better.

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HATE ME!!!!! [09 Aug 2005|08:39am]
[ mood | cranky ]

Fine, I get it! no one likes me anymore. Fuck you Sam, Fuck you Dreza, and fuck everyone else on Gaia!

They all seem to want to bitch me out for some reason, and I havn't done a damn thing! I'm done with Gaia, so kiss my ass!

Ok.. as for Shadow and Nova: Last night I did not mean that. I said it before I thought about it. You guys do a great job. the only thing that could have brought that response was the idea of the plot (no offense, SN) and how the characters are reacting to what is going on. The characters are just fine... I just think the plots are a little weird.

And... I start work today, so bugger off while I go earn some cash.



I know you all hate me, so why don't you kill me? Hack my accounts, destroy everything about me. Make it so I never existed. You would be doing me a favor.

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Classes and Work [06 Aug 2005|05:13pm]
[ mood | excited ]

Guess it is time for... another update!!!!

Ok, I got my class schedual today, and it looks reaking awesome. It is perfect, though I'm going to try and drop one class.
Trimester One:
P1: Economics
P2: Spanish 1
P3: Auto Maintenance
P4: Psycology
P5: Small Engine
P6: Cisco Netoworking (two periods)

Trimester Two:
P1: Conteporary Fiction/Non-Fiction
P2: Spanish 1
P3: Self Defense
P4: Study Hall
P5: Psycology
P6: Cisco Netowrking

Trimester Three
P1: Spanish 1
P2: Writing for the 21st Century
P3: Comparative Mythology
P4: Sculpture 1 (going to drop)
P5: Spring Outdoor Rec
P6: Cisco Networking

I can't wait!! . . . Oh my god. My Self Defense Teacher is my old Gym Teacher from grade school!!!!!!! Jeezus, small world. But the rest of the year looks REALLY good, as long as I don't do anything to mess it up. As you can see, I am not taking any Math or Science classes. Why? Because I don't want to.

I have no Thrid Floor classes... JOY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! They are all basement, first and second floor stuff. This is gonna be sweet. Now, I just have to get B's in all classes, and then I get my computer back, and out of the hands of my evil brother Matt.


Ok, On to work: I did not get the car. When I told my dad I had the job, He was on his way to see my grandparent. When he got there, my Grandpa had already taken care of the Van. Oh well. I'll get a car in Florida.

I start either Monday or Tuesday. I have to get in a copy of my driving permit tomorrow for the Manager so I CAN work. I went through a lot of videos today too. I still have a few to watch, but that shouldn't be a problem. I do have a 20 minute break every day. ^.^

I can't wait... this should be awesome.

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Belated Updates [04 Aug 2005|12:12am]
[ mood | content ]

Ok.. I have disappointed a friend by not giving her something to read. I'm sorry, forgive? Anyway, I have a job at Wendy's, I did orientation today, and I start work on Saturday at 11am. I can't wait. I was supposed to get a car from my grandpa if I got a job... but when my dad told my Grandpa the news, the car was gone. Oh well, I have plans to get a car in Florida when the time comes. Uh... I don't really have anything else to say. Maybe I'll have something more to say later.I finally got Semagic on my mom's laptop, so I should be updating more often.

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random crap... [05 Jul 2005|01:35am]
[ mood | groggy ]

Stuff I told Shadow she could see... funny shit, neh?


I know I sould be up dating more often, but there are times in my life where it is just way to busy to post here.

1. Once I have a job, I get a car.
2. Getting a Job is a pain, as no one is hiring.
3. Planing College in Florida
4. Stuff.... yeah

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