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Stepping Stones

Krystal Kerro's Journal

Kerro Starbane
15 January
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I'm Kerro, I like RP, i'm into computers. i talk with a small group of people online, and offline.
There was the cartoon show, called Action Man. look in my journal for it.
anyway, I'm 17 years old, i have blond hair, blue-grey eyes, and i'm 5' 4" last time i checked. I lived with my mom for 5 years, now i'm living with my dad. And, oddly enough, through circumstances that i had no control over (or full control over) I am living back with my mother..

I have found a pen-name, Krystal Sky. If you take my last name and add a 'Y' to the end of it: STANKEY, and then remove T,A,N,E, you get SKY. My dad came up with that... and then Krystal Sky came about. I've been changing my name slowly to that.